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What are your rates?

Please contact us for a quote!  Our rates vary depending on the ensemble, the location of the event, and the amount of time we’ll play.  We have a 1-hour minimum rate, 4-hour maximum.  We may include surcharges attendant to special musical requests, holiday performances, or last minute requests.   How do I book you? Please visit our contact page to email or call for our availability and a quote. If you already have a quote from us, you’re welcome to fill out a booking form or email or call us. We’ll have a contract written up and sent to you within a couple of weeks.  A non-refundable deposit will reserve the date for your event, and the balance of our fee will be due at the event. When should I book you? We recommend at least 2 months before events especially if you have musical requests that may require time to accommodate.   Do you play events on neighbor islands? Yes we do!  Please contact us for rates. Do you play outdoors or at the beach? We do play outdoors.  In order to do so, we’ll need to have shelter provided for us that is large enough to protect our instruments from direct sun and rain.   Please know that the sun can melt our instruments’ varnish and glue after short exposure.  Rain, even light mist or sprinkles, can damage varnish or warp the wood. Occasionally we’ve used the eaves of buildings or large trees for shelter.  But for questionable weather, it’s best to provide us protection so we don’t have to stop playing in the middle of an event to run for cover.  Unfortunately, we are unable to play weddings directly ON the beach.  Our instruments simply will not withstand the conditions.  Plus, salty moist air turns the hair on our bows slack and spongy, which prevents us from drawing any sound at all from the strings.  However, we have played on areas near the beach that were safer for our instruments.  What are the differences between a quartet, trio, duo and solo? A string quartet consists of 2 violins, viola, and cello.  It is our most requested ensemble as well as the most versatile because of its extensive repertoire, its full sound, varied timbres, and rich harmonies.  It is well-suited to any venue where space is not an issue.  We recommend a quartet for folks who want the best. A string trio, most often violin, viola, and cello, will sound less full than a quartet but still have melody, harmony, and a bass line.  Harmonies will sound less complete, and the repertoire will be slightly limited, but it is certainly a popular and adequate ensemble.  A trio is perfect for smaller sized venues and budgets. A string duo, usually violin and cello (or sometimes violin and viola, or violin and violin), will offer melody and bass line.  We recommend a violin and cello duo as their timbres complement each other well, the cello adding contrasting depth to a soprano instrument like violin.  For this reason, the violin and cello duo has more music written for it than other string duo combinations.  While a solo instrument, usually violin, is beautiful, it may sound a bit stark and lonely without another “voice” to help jazz things up for a festive occasion.  The repertoire is limited to songs that have a strong melodic line.  If your venue is intimate, your budget tight, or if you just prefer the romance of a lyrical melody, then a soloist is the way to go.  Can I hear you play? Absolutely!  We invite you to listen to us on our music samples page. What do you wear for events? For dressy events, we usually wear tuxedo/formal black attire.  For more casual or outdoor events, we’ll wear black or black and white attire or aloha attire depending on the preferences of our clients.    When do you arrive for events? We like to be onsite 20-25 minutes before we start playing. Do you take music requests?  You are of course welcome to choose any music on our song lists.  You can also request music not on our song lists.  We’ll let you know if we’ll have enough time to accommodate your request(s) and if it will play well for the instrumentation.   Charges per request are based on how much time it takes to find and/or arrange and rehearse the music.   If you plan to have a soloist perform a song with us, we will require a short rehearsal with them just prior to the ceremony at a rate of $40/song. When do you need my music selections for my event? If you choose music from our song list, you can let us know as late as a few days before your event.  For music requests not on our song list, you should let us know as soon as possible so we can determine if we’ll have enough time to accomodate your request.   Can you help me choose my music or choose it for me? Sure.  If choosing your music stresses you out, we’re happy to make recommendations or choose for you to help you create the ambiance you want.  Just let us know. Can you come to my wedding rehearsal to coordinate the music? Normally it’s not usual or necessary for us to come to the rehearsal as we can work out details easily via email or phone.  It’s no problem at all for us to take care of the timing for each group of participants in the ceremony.  We do, however, recommend a non-participant in the ceremony such as a wedding coordinator to cue us when to start the processional music. What kind of music is appropriate for my wedding? Generally, choose music that you like and that you feel will enhance the mood and atmosphere you want to create.  However, we do recommend that you check venue policies regarding music.  Some churches, for example, allow a variety of music played by an outside ensemble but require that their organist play the bridal processional and recessional.  Anyway, we’re happy to recommend music to help you set the mood and atmosphere you want.  Here are a few programs of past clients:   Church: Entrance of groomsmen, officiator, and the seating of parents Arioso by Bach Processional:      Bridesmaids, flower girls, and ring bearer Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring by Bach      Bride Wedding Chorus by Wagner (Traditional) Communion Ave Maria by Schubert Recessional Wedding March by Mendelssohn (Traditional) Romantic: Seating of parents Air by Bach Processonal:      Bridesmaids, flower girls, and ring bearers Serenade by Haydn      Bride escorted by father Canon in D by Pachelbel Recessional La Rejouissance by Handel Outdoor: Processional:      Bride only Hawaiian Wedding Song by King Lei presentations to parents What is This Lovely Fragrance? by Manz Ring exhange Ave Verum by Mozart Vows O Perfect Love by Gurney and Barnby Recessional Hornpipe 2 by Handel Modern: Processional:      Bride escorted by parents Wonderful Tonight by Clapton Vows “The Ludlows” from Legends of the Fall by Horner Recessional Yellow by Coldplay
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